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Dr. Subir N. Jhaveri, has been practising exclusive spine surgery, ever since he returned after completing three spine fellowships from Toronto, Canada since July 2007. He has more than 3500 spine surgeries to his credit.

His expertise includes management of all types of spinal disorders; be it trauma, degenerative, tumour, deformity or complex spinal reconstructions. He has been performing Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery (MIS) since his return to India. He has more than 750 MIS Micro-Endocoscopic discectomies (MED) to his credit, and also undertakes MIS Decompressions, Fixations and Fusions. He has performed Artificial Disc Replacements in many patients.

Spinal Surgeries

Cervical (NECK)

Cervical Disc Herniation - Single level 34 yr old male, complaining of radiating arm pain along Rt UL, mainly along C6,7 distribution, for more than 11 months.


A 68 year old housewife, had persistent backache for many years, with claudication and radiating pain in both lower limbs for last three years.

Thoracolumbar (BACK)

A 15 year old boy was crossing the road and was hit by a car. He was instantaneously paralysed from the chest below...

Cervico Thoracic (UPPER BACK)

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